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Frequently Asked Questions

No, I myself am not a professional photographer and I make 1000-1500$/month passive income using methods you can also learn by yourself in the PhotoStock Academy training.

Yes. After checking your portfolio, if I think your work is good for stock photography, you’ll need a minimum of 2,000 photos or videos to start. This is to ensure that there will be enough sales to cover the cost of the server and the management software.

Revenues depend on many factors like the quality of the photos, the uniqueness, the interest, the number of files you sell and also on how regularly we upload new content. With 2,000 photos, you can sell from 50$ to 500$ per month. The more photos you provide us during the year, the more your revenues will grow.

If your portfolio is validated, it will depend on the number of sellable files you can provide. If there’s not enough photos that can be sold for the first time, there’s a one time 60$ fee to cover the setup cost (server and management software package). There’s no more fees after that.

The system is revenue sharing 50-50 : you provide the content, we sell it for you. 50% of net revenues are sent to your paypal account every 2 months. You can request at any time about the total amount of the revenues on that day.

Selling photos online requires a lot of time and skills. If you want to sell the photos by yourself to get 100% of your revenues, all the methods are explained in the PhotoStock Academy training here. If you prefer to focus your time on photography or other things, then let us take care of your sales, and just wait for the money to arrive every 2 months.

All stock websites pay you automatically at different times, so to avoid very low months compared to very high ones, it’s better to spread the payment over 2 months.

Yes, apart from uploading your files, filling up all the information for each file (title, description, categories, keywords…), selling them on the best stock agencies, we will also analyse your portfolio : we will check your approval/refusal rate and advise you on how to increase your approval rate. Every 6 months, we will analyse your sales and tell you what’s selling the most and the least, and what you could do to increase your sales.

Very simple : the more you provide us with files (photos, videos, vectors…), the more you will earn.

A few words about me

I started stock photography in 2016 with very low results. But after trying lots of different methods during 4 years, I finally found the way to make relevant and increasing income. In 2 years I went from $200 to $1,500 per month, so now I’m teaching my methods with my PhotoStock Academy Training.

After talking to lots of my students and photographers, I noticed that many of them don’t have the time to take care of stock photography and this is how PhotoStock Collab is born. Me and my team takes care of all the boring part for you, so you can focus on your photography while we take care of the sales.