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Photostock Academy – For Photographers & Content Creators (ENG)


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Based on your answers, you will be able to earn $1000 per month of passive income by following my PhotoStock Academy training:

3 modules and more than 1h30 of videos to learn how to sell your photos and videos for stock sites by automating all the steps.

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Earn extra income every month!

In this training I will show you all the techniques that I have used
to arrive at $1000 / month of passive income. I will reveal everything to you step by step to
teach you how to successfully sell your photos.

Training program

  • Module 5 : Stock sites
  • Module 6 : Publishing photos
  • Module 7 : Income and how to earn more

Photostock Academy gives you access to:

  • 3h15 of video training : you have access to more than 3 hours of video training immediately after your registration
  • Free Lifetime Update : Training is updated based on stock sites and agencies and the market
  • Questions / Answers areas : Access to a private group to discuss strategy and success with other members
  • Exclusive Discounts : You’ll get exclusive discounts on essential stock photography tools

A few words about your instructor

Unlike other trainings on stock sites, I am not a photography professional. The photos I sell are photos I took while on vacation.

It took me several years to achieve my first regular income, and in this training, I will share everything I know with you, with 2 objectives:

– Save you time.

– You avoid any mistakes I may have made.

Today I only spend 2-3 days a month on stock sites, with increasing income. By following the training, you will be able to achieve the same goals, or even exceed them!

Good formation !


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