So far my stock photography income have just been growing since the start. Sometimes a month is less than the previous one, but overall, it just grows as long as I upload new photos.
In 2018 : 32€ / month
2019 : 250€/ month
2020 : 500€/ month
2021 : 850€/ month ($1,000 usd)

So as I explain in my training, there’s no secret : Keep uploading new quality photos, and revenues will grow. For myself it’s all about travel and landscapes, but it can be many other things like street photo, portraits, lifestyle, society, technology, food, etc, etc…

Below I show you all screenshots of emails that I received the last 30 days as my payouts, it’s a bit mixed because no agencies pay in the same time with same currency, but you get the idea : Total around usd $1,215

Above the fact that that it gives me complementary income, there’s a real pleasure receiving emails every week saying “You’ve received $XXX” with doing absolutely nothing 🙂
For the past 2-3 months, I’ve done nothing on stock photo or stock agency, I haven’t traveled and I stayed home working on the training, my website and other projects, but my revenues keep growing from my last upload 3 months ago. So this is as real PASSIVE income as it gets.

If you’re interested to do the same and get passive revenues with your photos, more informations in my shop or here
I’ll help you achieve the same results as me in a few months instead of me trying to do it alone for the past 4 years.